Let me tell you more…

Frog on a stick tastes a bit like chicken.

It’s barbecued at the roadside and served with chilli sauce.

This is what it looks like:

Frog on a stick

They are actually bull frogs – the really fat frogs which have a loud croak (when they’re still alive).

Your frog on a stick will cost you about 30 Baht (1USD) for a fat one.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite – how about some grilled millipede?

Grilled Millipede

This giant millipede is often found during the rainy season in Phuket.

It’s full of protein. So the locals impale it on a stick and toss it on the bbq.

Still not hungry?

Why don’t you try some mangled squid?

This guy comes right to our office almost every day…

Thai mangled squid

You can see the squid strung across the top of his cart – a bit like a squid washing-line.

When he has a customer he runs the squid through a mangle until it’s very flat. And serves it with chilli sauce and crushed peanuts.

It’s very tasty if you like fish.

And for dessert…

Banana Jelly, Penang, Malaysia

The locals love this bright pink stuff.

It’s called ‘oh-aeoh’ and originates from Penang in Malaysia.

The jelly is made with bananas and Chinese herbs. It’s served with shaved ice, red beans, grass jelly and red syrup.

Apparently it is very refreshing.

The best place to get it is in Phuket Town. There are two famous ‘oh-aeoh’ stalls, ‘Oh-aeoh’s Pae Eng’ and ‘Oh-aeoh’s Ko Roj’.

Still not tempted?

Maybe this will get your taste buds going…

Roti Nam Geang, Phuket Town, Phuket

This place has been open for over 50 years and it’s always busy.

It doesn’t have a name. But locals know it as ‘Roti Nam Geang See Yak Taew Nam’.

Because they go for the Roti Nam Geang.

Unlike the sweet rotis you find everywhere in Phuket – this one is served with curry.

You have a choice of chicken, beef or fish.

Or you can have your roti with a couple of fried eggs – sunny side up!

Still not impressed?

OK. Let’s get even more conventional.

This small restaurant opened in 1917…

Boonrat Dim Sum, China

It’s called Boonrat Dim Sum.

The founder came from mainland China.

First, he opened a small stall selling just one kind of Chinese dumplings (Siu Mai).

But his dumplings were so popular, he extended his range and opened his first shop.

Now there are 3 in Phuket Town.

They sell many types of freshly prepared dim sum with pork, shrimp and crab.

And they have a good range of Chinese herbal soups.

The shops are open from 6am to 11am daily.

But go early if you want the best choice.

This Chinese-Thai café opened in 1999 at the On On Hotel in Phuket Town…

Kopi de Phuket, Phuket Town

Its name is Kopi de Phuket – Kopi means coffee in Thai.

So as you’d expect, you can get a really good cup here.

My choice is the black Kopi Aor. It’s brewed from beans grown in northern Thailand.

But the best thing about Kopi de Phuket is the food.

They serve some real Chinese delicacies such as Monk Jumps Over the Wall.

The Queen of Sweden, the Dubai Royal Family and numerous celebrities have eaten here…

Raya Restaurant, Phuket, Thailand

But it’s not the kind of fine-dining place you would imagine.

Raya Restaurant is set in a 90 year-old Sino-Chinese shop house in Phuket Town.

The food is traditional Chinese; crispy chicken, spring rolls and duck with gravy.

If you need more convincing:

A Chinese friend of mine gave the restaurant a glowing review, saying; “I will absolutely go back again”.

Raya restaurant has no need to advertise.

So book early if you want to eat – it’s always full.

I hope some of that takes your fancy.

Personally, I think they beat McDonalds, Starbucks and Pizza Hut any day.

(Mind you, I’m not sure about the grilled millipede)

If you’d like more information on any of these places, send me an email.

And I promise – if we meet for lunch in Phuket – you can choose the place and the food.



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  1. […] poking around the fish section when I noticed a box full of live frogs.And then I remembered the ‘frog-on-a-stick’ I wrote to you about a few weeks ago.(If you missed it you can read it here).They were all crammed […]

    • Auth says:

      Yes you are asesssed at what you pay. That is the true market value, what someone is willing to pay for the house. Some counties do NOT adjust downward. the house sold for 300k 5 yrs ago, you get it for 250k they do not lower it. Call the Tax office for the municipality and ask.

  2. Bodlagz says:

    Rebecca, are those millipedes or centipedes, they look a little like the giant venomous centipede, can’t imagine a more disgusting meal than that.

  3. Zoya Jackson says:

    Great information! I am foodie and love to know about the food in a pattaya.

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